Conspiracies of Kindness

by Michael Ortiz Hill

US $16.95

ISBN-13: 978-0-9720718-6-4

Never before in our history as a human race have we been confronted with such grave concerns: the devastation of the environment, global terrorism, vast abuse of political and religious powers, destruction of species and threats to every life form upon this planet. How do we sustain our hope, and our vision of a viable future? Inevitably such disasters are opportunities to draw us together as a people to try to heal ourselves and the Earth. Writes Deena, “It is a difficult and sorrowful story that we are in. It requires everything of each of us who have enough love, sorrow and courage in our hearts. We have to find the pieces of this story that may yet sustain creation.” Deena’s journey, as chronicled in Entering the Ghost River continues as she returns to Africa and is once again visited by the male elephant elder she calls The Ambassador. Inspired by this continued connection, she interweaves the threads of her community’s stories, dreams and visions to create a new form of council on the page, as an offering to us of the wisdom that the circle creates.


From Grief into Vision

by Deena Metzger

US $23.95

ISBN-13: 978-0972071802

Entering the Ghost River

by Deena Metzger

US $23.95

ISBN-13: 978-0972071826

"September 11th called this book into being.... Never before in our nation’s history, not even after Pearl Harbor, has it been so clear that the voices, nature and activity of healing, peacemaking, and Council need to be called forth."

Deena Metzger takes us on a journey from North America to Africa, from the stories of her life to the myths of Spirit. Travelling the Ghost River connects the world of humans to the world of souls, spirits and our ancestors. At the exact moment the World Trade Center towers were hit, Deena and others were at an ancient, sacred site in Masvingo, Africa being initiated as healers. Two stories intersected in that moment, one headed toward destruction, the other toward healing. At the intersection of these two worlds, Deena asks the question: how do we create a story with a real future in which all beings are sustained?

Deena brings her knowledge and experience of healing body and soul to the issues of healing community, both locally and globally. Following the threads of September 11th, she shows us how we can understand the larger story, and awaken to ourselves. This awakening and alleviation of suffering comes through the context of kinship, of community, of Story. Story is not of our own making; it is a gift from Spirit. Deena examines the very underpinnings of Western thought, healing, and religious practices—the stories that have mapped our lives—and shows us how the web of interconnection contains, with the joint perspectives of indigenous mind and contemporary vision, the possibility of healing.


poems by Amanda Foulger

US $11.95

ISBN-13: 978-0-9720718-3-3

Amanda Foulger’s poetry, deeply informed by her life’s work as a healer and shamanic practitioner, is at once a blending of spiritual power and Zen-like spareness.  In this first collection of her poetry, she invokes the power of the natural world to invite us to pay attention to the cycles of nature and how they relate to similar cycles within our bodies as well as the events in our lives – from breathing to living and dying.  With her reverence for the beauty and inherent wisdom of nature along with her visionary focus, Amanda’s is truly a voice to heal our hearts and minds.

Full of Life Now: The Love Songs of Walt Whitman

by The Dream Brothers

Full Of Life Now: Love Songs Of Walt Whitman is a collection of songs using the poetry of Walt Whitman and written by The Dream Brothers, Gary Glickman and Stephan David Hewitt. Also included in this CD is a setting of W.B. Yeats’ poem Innisfree and two of the Dream Brothers' original songs. Inspired by the beauty and power of Whitman’s bold poetry, written mostly in the 1850’s, these poems are as relevant today as they were in the time Whitman was writing: a country torn apart at the seams by war, economic hardship, and yet a longing to express the deep soulful yearnings of human existence.

Stephan and Gary are both classically trained musicians and composers, with degrees in music, and were led by a series of synchronistic events to write music to Whitman’s lyrics. Stephan’s training has also included the world of early electronic music (see his album Inroads by Stephan David) while Gary has written several operas and is a voice teacher. Both are writers and counselors as well. Their idea was to make the words of Whitman come alive again, so that people would be able to hear the emotional quality of the longing and celebration of life and passion that Whitman so beautifully wrote about around the time the U.S. was falling into Civil War.

Walt Whitman was born on Long Island, N.Y. in 1818, in an age of candles, quill pens, and American enslavement of Africans. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were both alive and active. In 1855, at age 36, Whitman self-published his initial volume of Leaves of Grass, and in 1860, a year before the start of the Civil War, published his third edition, “Calamus,” from which most of these songs have sprung. By war’s end, 1865, Whitman’s Leaves of Grass was world famous, but in America the poems themselves—full of references to sex, naked bodies, and physical love between men—were often dismissed as obscene and obnoxious. He lost his government job when his manuscript was discovered by his boss.

Near the end of his life, Whitman saw the disaster that a materialist America was leading itself to. In 1888 he declared: “every man is trying to outdo every other man—giving up modesty, giving up honesty, giving up generosity, to do it: creating a war, every man against every man: the whole wretched business falsely keyed by money ideals, money politics, money religions, money men."

He died in 1892, at the age of 73, in a country of electric lights, typewriters, telephones, the first moving pictures, the massacre at Wounded Knee (1890), and the invention of the concept of “homosexual” as a distinct (and criminal) kind of person. Still, the power of his vision—that Spirit is all-present, within every one of us, unrestricted by religion or morals, unstoppable by death—has continued to grow as a powerful force of peace in the world.

© 2017 Hand to Hand

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a novel by Deena Metzger

US $16.95

ISBN-13: 978-0-9720718-5-7

“On a tightrope stretched between enlightenment and oneness with nature on the one hand and injury and madness on the other, Feral teeters wildly. Its central theme: what is healing and who needs it most – the hunter or the hunted, the animal or humankind, the therapist or the patient? Our brains are said to contain three layers – a reptilian base, layered by a mammalian ring, covered by a uniquely human neocortex. If you think the human cortex is really on top, Feral will set you straight. In a spark and glimmer of flash and transformation Metzger dips us into the primordial soup, spins us around counter-clockwise, back to the beginning of time. We are then stripped of clothes and ordinary comforts in order to seek the wisdom and self-knowledge locked into the pain that can’t and shouldn’t be taken away. Instead we must shimmy up the world tree fully naked in order to reconnect with our animal eyes, piss and howl.”


— Terry Marks-Tarlow, author of Psyche’s Veil: Psychotherapy, Fractals and Complexity

Michael Ortiz Hill, author and registered nurse, writes about self compassion, compassion for others, radical empathy, and how to manifest compassion, in his highly praised new book Conspiracies of Kindness. The book is intended for health care professionals, hospice workers, ministers, and lay people.  

From his own experiences as a nurse, Ortiz Hill creates a web of achingly beautiful stories that brilliantly show us how richness, compassion and wisdom can arise while encountering the most challenging circumstances of severely ill and dying patients in an institutional setting.

Ortiz Hill’s book, based on his workshops on The Craft of Compassion, has been acclaimed by best-selling author Larry Dossey, MD, who wrote “This luminous book can change your life.” David Forbes, MD, President of the American Holistic Medicine Association writes, it is “chock full of beautiful, elegant wisdom.”  Physician Kjersten Gmeiner adds, “Michael is a gifted teacher.  The idea that compassion is a teachable craft with skills to be practiced brings it from the mystical into the daily world, which of course is where we all need it.”

The Craft of Compassion

Michael Ortiz Hill

US $16.95

ISBN-13: 978-0-9720718-7-1

This is an updated and expanded version of Mr. Ortiz Hill’s previous book, Conspiracies of Kindness, and is written especially for medical professionals and those in the helping professions, as well as students learning these professions. In this book, Ortiz Hill includes several additional interviews with medical doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals, as well as those involved in the world of healing, who speak about how compassion is an essential quality for maintaining their own health, mental and physical, as well as insuring the care they provide for their clients is of optimal value. From his own experiences as a nurse, Ortiz Hill creates a web of achingly beautiful stories that brilliantly show us how richness, compassion and wisdom can arise while encountering the most challenging circumstances of severely ill and dying patients in an institutional setting. This book is essential reading for anyone in the helping professions who risks burnout and “compassion fatigue.”

La Negra y Blanca: Fugue and Commentary

a novel by Deena Metzger

US $18.95

ISBN-13: 978-0-9720718-4-0

La Negra y Blanca is the crowning achievement of Deena Metzger's lifetime as a novelist, poet, and playwright. On the surface, it is a meditation on memory as the narrator pieces together the bright flashes of images of her life recalled, weaving them together with the intention of creating a healing matrix that reflects a life lived in search of meaning. On a deeper level, it weaves in the history and tragedy of the Conquest's ongoing political and environmental effects on Latin America through the narrator’s relationship with Victor Perera, a Guatemalan-American writer and journalist who documented the destruction of the native Lacandon tribe of Guatemala by imperialistic forces.  We become acquainted with La Negra, a mysterious woman who is pregnant, but who will not give birth to her child until the world is safe enough for its continued existence, and who is the centerpiece character of a natural world struggling to survive and maintain its integrity in the midst of industrialization and the elimination of the sacred forests. Metzger has created a complex novel that weaves the personal, political, global and spiritual threads of her life into a tapestry of beauty, sorrow, transcendence, and ultimately, the assurance of a world renewed by the unwavering examination of all of its component parts to create a path into a future that promises reverence for all life. 

“Deena Metzger has used her skills as poet to understand the end of Victor Perera’s life. Does the universe and time work in such a way that our lives encircle one another’s forever? As we read La Negra y Blanca, the contemporary and the mythic, our selves and our ancestors, miraculously join.”

Maxine Hong Kingston, author of I Love a Broad Margin To My Life

This beautiful book is not so much a novel as it is an exquisite tapestry, threads woven of word and spirit, blood and bone and heart. It is a complex weaving of fact and fiction; 'realism" and the more-than-real, of the deep sorrow and rage of a violated land a violated peoples; and most of all, love. This book, this tapestry, will help us unweave the threads of this culture's ensnaring and near-total destructiveness, and will help us wend our way back into the fabric of all life.

Derrick Jensen, author of A Language Older Than Words

“An extraordinarily original, complex and beautiful novel that weaves the work of a witness into a haunting narrative founded on a stunning insight: without the capacity to imagine what is culturally alien to us, we cannot document and comprehend what Victor Perera calls "the unfinished Conquest." Perera, the Guatemalan journalist and essayist, is the narrator's central dialogue partner in her journey through the hell of recent Latin American history: he was her friend in real life and becomes her posthumous guide in the realm of the spirit that the novel substantiates. Deena Metzger invents a language of intimacy and splendor in which the quivering life of resistance to the ongoing Conquest is experienced as the beauty and hope that remain vital amidst the debris and mass graves of history. La Negra y Blanca is the crowning achievement of a life devoted to storytelling, tikkun olam.”

Marc Kaminsky, author of The Road from Hiroshima and Shadow Traffic


Ebba and the Green Dresses of Olivia Gomez

in a Time of Conflict and War

a novel by Joan Tewkesbury

US $17.95

ISBN-13: 978-0-97207188-8

Ebba and the Green Dresses of Olivia Gomez in a Time of Conflict and War is a dramatic tale of the coming of age of Ebba in a fictional town somewhere south of the US border where children are kidnapped and people are “disappeared” in the middle of the night.  Ebba, a young girl who is far older than her years, is at the center of a wild and outrageous intrigue that begins with a vengeful neighbor and slowly unravels a rat’s nest of corruption. Yet this is a story of love, revenge and triumph amidst the tragedies, tortures and abuse of power that are ubiquitous in the political dictatorships of our time. Joan Tewkesbury, the screenwriter who redefined cinema with her masterpiece “Nashville” has created a brilliant and compelling novel whose deeply crafted  characters and their stories are guaranteed to delight, entrance, horrify, and captivate the reader.

What a fierce, bawdy, wonderfully inventive novel! Somewhere in time in South America the enchanting Ebba and her beleaguered village are upended by the power and greed of a ridiculous tyrant. Spun as a fable in a style both grotesque and lyrical, Tewkesbury clearly stands with the kind, the decent, the daring. She does so with so much humor and charm that we the readers are swept breathlessly along and feel triumphant at the astonishing outcome. Ebba and the Green Dresses is a captivating tale of innocence struggling against evil, a far too familiar story in this sorry world, but told here with fearlessness and defiant hope. A delighting book.

Kathryn Walker, author of A Stopover in Venice

To read Ebba and the Green Dresses of Olivia Gomez in a Time of Conflict and War is an overwhelming experience. Joan Tewkesbury has crafted a novel of luminous originality, creativity and resonance. It is driven by a unique narrative freedom and by characters that are immensely touching. They will stay with the reader for a long, long time. A rare sense of wonder permeates this novel. Its picaresque tone, unusual sense of humor and capacity to rebound will surprise you on every page. Cervantes and Marquéz may come to mind, but Joan Tewkesbury novel's operates on its own terms. Ebba.... is an unforgettable novel and a brilliant achievement.

Walter Salles, award winning director, “On the Road”, “Central Station,” “The Motorcycle Diaries” and “Linha de Passe”



2012 Oakland PEN Award

The Scrolls of Nef

a novel by Gary Glickman

US $26.95

iBooks version also available, for iPad and iBooks for Mac

Kindle Version also available

ISBN: 978-0-9720718-9-5

iBooks Version includes full color illustrations, video, and ten original songs of Nef, by The Dream Brothers.

Forced to flee the Godlian Invasion, two princes of Korshan are flung to their separate destinies. The warrior Prince Talland to seduction and betrayal by the Godlian Questioner’s beguiling daughter, and dream reader Prince Orland to his mother’s birthplace of Nef Island: where Godlian clerics are secretly burning the ancient library, and where no one of the royal lineage should ever feel safe.

The Godlians see themselves as saviors of a decadent, primitive culture—chosen by Divinity to rid two continents of women of power, torturing indigenous Celebrants of the Old Ways. Exiled among healer-women condemned as witches, warrior Talland must learn from them enough courage and wisdom to create and lead a rebellion. Dreamreader Orland must somehow escape Nef Island with the ancient wisdom scrolls safely aboard ship. Hiding in the northern mountains or on the southern archipelago sea, two royal brothers must learn to embrace each other’s opposite natures in time to outmaneuver a brutal fundamentalist empire.

“At last, a novel of heart! This is an enchanting, enthralling book that, by some magic of story-telling, let me understand mysteries of my own life. Tyrant princesses, estranged queens, a warrior brother and a young hero surviving adventures that threw a brilliant light on my own passage in the world. A cross between the fast-paced fantasy writer Ursula K. LeGuin and the keen psychological witnesses Jane Austen and Marcel Proust, Glickman pulls you into his dazzling world so entirely that you will want to stay up all night reading, and saying thank you.”

Bonnie Friedman, author of Writing Past Dark, The Thief of Happiness and Surrendering Oz


A Rain of Night Birds

a novel by Deena Metzger

US $18.95

ISBN: 978-0-9983443-0-0                                                                                        Kindle Version

Perhaps never before in the history of humankind has the disparity between Indigenous mind and Western mind been more on the pulse of what we must pay attention to in order to insure our survival. Deena Metzger has written a novel in which two people, who are from each side of this polarity, begin a loving relationship. Sandra Birdswell is a student of climatology with an uncanny ability to sense weather events. Her mother, who died in childbirth, is a mystery to her. Her father, John, is a former Reservation doctor who faithfully raises her despite his limitations and obligations.  She first meets Terrence, a Native man and a professor of climatology, at her university classes. Years later, they are drawn together by the powerful forces of their love, for the Earth, for each other, and their mutual need to seek out the broken links of their family histories. When the UN report on climate change is released in 2007, the reality of the effects of the Anthropocene era sends a shockwave through both their lives. Their relationship to each other and to the elementals they are so intimate with — lightning, thunder, rain, mountain — brings them deeply and violently into a quest to live their lives in ways that disengage from colonial mind, the same mind that brought devastation to the Native peoples, and now brings all of humanity to the brink of extinction.  Through their love of and deeply felt intuitive connection to the Earth, they each go to the brink of death to find their truth, to gain strength and wisdom.

In clear and elegant prose, Deena Metzger yet again explores the most important issues of our time, in yet another profound and compelling way. A Rain of Night Birds is a beautiful and important novel.

— Derrick Jensen, author of A Language Older Than Words

Now more than ever, we need to read, and then read again, Deena Metzger’s new novel, a thrilling exploration of the dilemmas we face as a species beset with extinction and as individuals beset by doubts as to how that threat to our loved ones and the Earth can be avoided in our age of confusion. The four complex protagonists take us on a journey into the depths of their despair and the lightening of their hopes, and by its end we are left trembling with grief and wisdom, challenged to leap into the arduous self-understanding of ourselves and the indigenous past that alone can guide us through the turmoil and the fire and, perhaps, who knows, save the Earth.

—Ariel Dorfman, author of the play Death and the Maiden and the forthcoming novel Darwin’s Ghosts


Blank Pages Read Out Loud

Carmen Rita Tolivar

US$ 11.95

ISBN: 978-0-9983443-1-7

Carmen Tolivar’s book is a memoir of stories set in her native Puerto Rico and Los Angeles. The pieces in this collection are not only about her own life, but also about the generations before hers, with a touch of historical references and spiritual awakenings, as well as her own path through the loss of her husband. Her poetic and lyrical prose is a delight to read. From the author: "I think about my writing as a recording of the unsayable. I am called to tell the stories of unnoticed happenings, of people, animals, a bud as it opens. Stories of the ones who couldn't participate because they had been turned to stone, enslaved, burned, made voiceless, or had married the wrong person generations back. I am called to tell the stories older than my birth, by now impatient to be released. They say they could be medicine to many. It would have been so for me."